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3 Reasons it's ESSENTIAL to take time away from your business...

Rebecca Morley

This morning I’m flying to Majorca for The Brand Stylist retreat. 4 days away to focus on nothing but how I take my business to the next level. I feel so lucky to have this opportunity. 4 days away feels like a huge indulgence but when the prep notes ask you to bring literally every piece of written or digital content you have about your business you know it's going to be worthwhile.

I tend to forget this, or not let myself remember it, but taking time away from your business is absolutely essential to keep it growing. It seems counter intuitive but there are three reasons why it's hugely valuable. 

Time away allows you to:

Real creativity comes from the subconscious mind. Being ‘on’ all the time means we’re working in our conscious minds, constantly thinking and developing decision fatigue. It’s absolutely essential to give yourself the space to switch off and let the ideas flow.

Physically taking a step back to look at where your business is, creating physical distance between you and the day to day gives you a different, more abundant perspective. Taking the time to look at what’s working, what’s not working, what you could do more of, or less of and so on is an incredibly powerful way to create the breakthroughs you need.

Running a business is HARD WORK! Physical time away gives you time to recharge and renew. So when those ideas flow you have the energy you need to put them into action.

Think you're not a leader because you work for yourself? You're wrong.

Rebecca Morley

Do you ever stop to think about the phrase ‘working for yourself’? 

As exciting as it is to be your own boss, we rarely stop to think about the implications.

As your ‘own boss’, how good a boss are you?


Do you motivate yourself every day?

Do you make yourself feel good about the work that you do?

Do you make sure you know exactly what you should be doing every day?

Or do actually make it all quite hard work for yourself?

A lot of the clients I work with come to me feeling frustrated and unsure. They lack the confidence they need to take those big next steps and they end up trying to draw on all sorts of different sources for answers and motivation. 


A lot of the things they actually need to make them feel better would normally be done by a great boss. Things like support, advice, a sounding board, direction, course correction, feedback and help making decisions.

When you’re running your own business, by its very nature, you need to play those roles for yourself. No matter how strong your network of business besties, you still need to become incredibly self-reliant.

So let me ask you the question I always ask my clients when they’re in this space…

Are you a good boss?

Working for yourself involves a huge amount of self leadership – whether you run a team or not, you still need to be the best leader you can be to make your business sing.

Here’s some things you should be doing:

Be clear on the bigger picture

I’m sure I’m not alone in having worked for people in the past who were no good at sharing either the long-term vision or what it meant for me. It was frustrating, demotivating and disempowering. Not having clarity on where our work was taking us made it difficult to stay motivated when things got tough.

Be a good boss - Set out a clear longer-term vision so that you know where you’re heading and why. You’ll quickly find that a great many things become easier. You’ll be able to make decisions more quickly and easily with an eye for the long-term. Challenges and set-backs will be easier to deal with as you look at them through the bigger picture lens. And priority setting will become more focussed. 

Clear direction

A good leader sets direction within the context of the bigger picture. It’s important that they are able to be clear on ‘how’ you are going to reach that bigger picture and ‘what’ needs to be done to get there. 

I see far too many clients bobbling around doing busy work not really having set themselves the clear direction on where their focus should be. For example, if the bigger picture vision is to triple revenue for the year, and the goal within that is to generate a set number of leads for the month, there is no point doing any activity that doesn’t feed into this.

Be a good boss – set yourself clear directions each month. What is your broad focus? What are the things you need to achieve this month? How are you going to achieve those things? How are you going to stay on track and keep focussed even when you face challenges and difficulties.

Giving yourself space to grow


A lot of my clients come to me frustrated out of sheer impatience at not knowing all the answers. A good boss will always give you space to grow as the business changes around you. They will feedback any areas for improvement and should help you create a plan to fill any gaps you have in relation to the role you’re doing.


Be a good boss – Take an objective look at your skill set and experience in relation to what you’re trying to achieve. Do you have all of the skills and knowledge that you need? Are there things you’d like to learn or need to learn? How can you create the time to learn those things and not beat yourself up for not knowing all the answers straight away?

Celebrating successes

Celebrate Success.jpg

What kind of boss would you be if you never stopped to celebrate the great things your team did? The kind of boss most of my clients are to themselves! Honestly, most of them, myself included simply tick the box, tuck that new client or achievement under their belt and rush off to the next thing on their list.

If you don’t celebrate the successes your subconscious won’t learn to enjoy them and your underlying decision making processes – which are where decisions are made about whether to feel motivated by something – won’t pull you in the direction of success.


Be a good boss – Take the time to celebrate your successes and learn from them. Embed them in your mind. Build up a picture of you as a successful and accomplished business woman. 


Next time you're struggling with motivation or feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, ask yourself if you're being the boss you need? Are you giving yourself enough space to lead? Do you need to make it easier to do a good job? Is there anything you're asking yourself to do that you'd question if you were working for someone else?

Before you go - I'm exhibiting at The Business Show on 16th and 17th May at Excel London. It's a fab two day event with literally hundreds of free masterclasses and networking opportunities, speaker events and business advice. Tickets are free and if you visit me on the day (stand 160), you'll be in with the chance of winning a free business strategy planning day worth £1250. If you're still unsure, why not read last week's blog to find out why I think this is an unmissable opportunity.





5 reasons attending a business show should be on your list.

Rebecca Morley

In just under a month’s time, I’ll be exhibiting at the 39th British Business Show, Europe’s largest business exhibition.

If you've never considered attending an exhibition or are sitting on the fence, here’s 5 reasons why I think it’s the one of the best decisions you can make for your business:

It’s a super-efficient way to get stuff done

It’s really easy to tell yourself you don’t have the time to go to something like The Business Show. However, we’re all busy, and on that never ending to-do list are all the things that generally get moved from one day to the next and never get done. They’re generally things like finding an accountant or working out what Brexit means for your business. At an exhibition like this which is set up to have everything under one roof, you can have a really targeted two days that means you can tick off several big things quickly.


Running a start-up or scale-up business can be incredibly consuming. It’s rare we get the opportunity to take the time to understand the trends and issues that affect the wider business world we operate in. At an event like The Business Show you can pick up market trends, improve your knowledge in certain areas and get a great feel for the bigger picture issues.

Sparking Creativity

Sitting at your desk ploughing through your normal work, even going to networking events, you won’t tend to see so many new ideas in one place. Add to that the fact that you don’t know what you don’t know. And you might just find the next big thing that is going to help your business grow to the next level.

Getting out from behind your desk and experiencing new ideas and new thinking will spark your creativity. This event is aimed at providing you with fresh ideas to help you grow your business, and that will drive your creativity in a really specific way. Business ideas spark business ideas.

Networking and connections

At an event like The Business Show, you get an incredible number of opportunities to connect with like-minded people. The thing I’ve always found in business is that no conversation is ever one way. Every conversation you have about your business is useful, even if it is explaining your latest challenge to a potential supplier, you will find that doing so makes it clearer in your head. Going to an event and meeting other people doing business generates conversations, creates connections and builds your network.

Direct access

At an exhibition you get direct access to the people that work there and the products they sell. Decision making becomes quicker as you can touch and feel the products and talk to the people who know their services inside out. For me, this is a much quicker way of doing business than researching on the internet, trying to book calls or coffees and narrowing down a short list.

So why The Business Show?

I chose this event because of its breadth and depth, it’s a one stop shop for anyone running a start-up, scale-up or fast-growth business. Whether it’s financial advice, marketing guidance, a platform to network or legal expertise; The Business Showprovides all the answers under one roof. 

For two days innovative exhibitors will take their place alongside expert-led seminars, interactive masterclasses and speed networking dedicated to helping firms take the next step on their business journey.

Oh and a cheeky sixth reason – it’s free!! That’s great news for any business owner looking to take advantage of all the things it has to offer.

For more information on the show and to grab your free ticket, go to the  now! Sign up with code RebeccaMorleyTBS and visit me at the show to be in with a chance of winning a free business strategy planning day worth £1250.

Want to be more successful? Develop a persona.

Rebecca Morley

For me, creating a version of you as the ideal leader of your business is as important as being clear about your ideal client. And scarily, I see most of my clients put a lot more work into who their client needs to be than who they need to be. Often that’s because we assume we are ‘fixed’ as we are. 

Creating a persona that is all the things you need to be as a leader -  confident, self assured and decisive, even when you’re having a bad day – allows you to step out of yourself and still get the job done.

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5 reasons I'm running an event about resilience...

Rebecca Morley

The more people I work with, the more I start to get closer to being able to define just what it is that separates those who achieve the success they deserve from the ones who never quite get there.

One of the attributes that all of the successful people I've worked with or admired from afar have is resilience. 

Because the road to success is rarely an easy one. Never more so than when you're running your own business – as I said to my husband earlier today, I find myself in a constant state of low level panic that ‘this will never work’. That can be exhausting and it's therefore absolutely crucial that I continue to build this skill.

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Why you should do a strategic business review... and how to do one.

Rebecca Morley

Does this sound familiar to you? You are caught in the moment, you feel like you know what you need to do to run your business now but you also know that things will need to change in order for you to be able to grow in the way you want to.

Maybe you feel as though the creative magic and 'all hands on deck' mentality that got you here is losing it's charm as you start to bring more team members in? Perhaps you have a sense that you are probably not being as efficient as you could be.

I'm guessing you feel a certain loyalty towards the way of working that has got you to this point? I'd even go as far as to suggest that you might fear you'll lose something of what you really are if you dare to change a winning formula.

What I told you it was actually fairly easy to feel confident that you know exactly what to do to take your business to the next level? That you could be absolutely clear on where you want to take the business and why. Simply put, what if you felt like you had A PLAN?

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Hate something? Change something... Can you influence the governmental policies that affect your business?

Rebecca Morley

Making an impact on the world is largely to do with knowing where best to put your energy. So when I get the opportunity to do something that has a potential impact on not just my business but those of my clients and peers I grab it with both hands. Last week I was thrilled to be invited to an event run by The Entrepreneurs Network, a think tank set up to give entrepreneurs, small businesses and the self-employed a greater collective voice. It was called ‘A Parliament Fit for Entrepreneurs?’ and aimed to understand what the government needs to do to support entrepreneurs better.


I was excited to go, and at the time the discussion was absorbing and inspiring. The overwhelming message from the panel, made up of Baroness Susan Kramer, Andrew Dixon and Gilian Keegan MP was that the way to change government policy was to ‘get involved’. Lobby, speak to your MP, play your part in discussion groups and forums. ‘Great’ I thought, I’m here at this event, getting involved, changing things – that’s a start.

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Be More Gazelle - How to grow your business at speed...

Rebecca Morley

A week today I attended an event called Be More Gazelle - How to grow your business at speed...

I’ll start with a confession… before this event I had no idea what a Gazelle was. Obviously I know it's a kind of deer like mammal but in business terms, not a clue! It turns out I probably should have done because it’s exactly the kind of companies I work with. According to The FT it's an extremely fast growing company (20% + YOY) that maintains consistent momentum. 


Are you a secret Gazelle? I can’t be the only person that doesn’t know what one is?!


The event was run by Upstream – a fab initiative that's aiming to redress the silicon roundabout East-West imbalance and make Hammersmith and Fulham the best place to do business in Europe. What an exciting vision! Are you in the West of London? Look it up and get involved. There were far too many business advisors there and not enough actual businesses and I'd love to feel as though I was part of a growing and thriving community of great businesses. 

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The 5 things your business can't live without...

Rebecca Morley

OK so this is the second time I’ve written about this but the more clients I work with and the more I learn, the more I think this message bears repeating. For all the advice there is out there about how to run a business, there are really only 5 very basic things that every business needs to do well. And yet, I find very few businesses that have all of these nailed.

I’ve worked in, and with, businesses of all sizes. From multi billion pound blue chips that exist in hundreds of countries to kitchen table enterprises that are just getting off the ground and literally everything in between. And only a handful have all 5 of these things down pat. They all do some of these things, and some of them do all of them to some extent but none do all of them, all of the time.

I thought when I started working with small businesses and start ups that they would be hugely different to the big corporates. And they are, massively different –

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What's the one thing you must do NOW to hit your goals in 2018?

Rebecca Morley

How are you feeling today? Let me guess... It's the second week back after the New Year, the Christmas tree has come down and the routine you thought you craved post Christmas is starting to feel a bit, well, routine. Already. The resolutions or intentions you set are starting to feel a bit too hard.

I like to call this the 'doubt dip'. The initial wave of enthusiasm you surfed in on is starting to ebb away as the reality of your calendar and your inbox take over again. AND, you haven't yet got far enough into your plan to give you the momentum to keep going. Your energy levels start to dip and you begin to doubt whether you're ever going to get there. Another few half hearted attempts await you before you give up altogether along with everyone else on the 17th Jan. The same goes for business, getting it right in the first few weeks are key to feeling like you've had a fast start.

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The four golden rules every small business owner needs to know...

Rebecca Morley

Want to know how to be a better leader? Know this - leadership is everything you do.

At a recent panel discussion I went to, the question was asked - how do I find time to lead my team? When do I lead in between all of the other priorities I have? And the answer? Leadership is everything you do. Your team will look to you for cues and clues on exactly how you want your business to run. Every conversation you have with them or someone else, you are showing them how people have conversations in your business. Every decision you make, you are showing them how decisions are made and what the priorities are in your business. The way you deal with customers and suppliers is the way that customers and suppliers are dealt with in your business.

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Want a more successful business? Take the time to pause and reflect.

Rebecca Morley

As business owners, we're so used to working in the business, managing the next big thing, fixing issues, thinking of ways to drive sales, managing the admin and so on that often it feels incredibly indulgent to just sit and think for a while. Sit in front of a coach though, especially one you've paid to spend time with, and you've really very little choice.

If 'sitting and thinking' feels as though it lacks focus for you, my simple structure for doing your own review of things should work a treat. I've been using it recently to help small business owners review their year in business and the feedback has been incredible. It's disarmingly simple but incredibly effective.

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Running a business... it's an emotional rollercoaster!

Rebecca Morley

"The bit no-one talks about is the emotional side of running your own business" - Steph Douglas, Don't Buy Her Flowers. A quote from a talk I attended at Stylist Live last Friday - three successful female business owners, on stage talking about how to start a business in an industry that ostensibly you know nothing about. 

All three, very impressive women, all three, disarmingly, well, female. Maybe it was the audience (at least 99% women), maybe it was the event (a fashion and lifestyle event), it was probably the brief (make your story accessible) but they were unashamedly and wonderfully open about what it means to be a woman in business.

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How to get better engagement on your LinkedIn content

Rebecca Morley

Last week I attended a LinkedIn Content Marketing Masterclass at LinkedIn Towers in Holborn. It was a quick fire hour with huge amounts of information from two very knowledgeable and passionate LinkedIn employees – Katrina Neal and Richard Sullivan.

Although towards the end I got the impression that it was aimed at B2B with a not insignificant marketing spend (well there’s no such thing as a free lunch right!?), I think a lot of the insights I gained are still well worth sharing.

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One change that will make a huge difference to your business...

Rebecca Morley

The one thing I hear time and time again from business owners both new and old, startup or established, big or small is a feeling of overwhelm. A feeling of doing too much, being in too many meetings, trying to succeed on too many fronts.

It's a common issue, and there's a common cause. Complexity is the downfall of many a business and business leader. In the pursuit of success we do as many things as we can to get the results we want. We launch as many products as possible through as many channels as we can, create as many connections as possible and try and be everywhere at once. It's a kind of commercial spread betting and in the start up stage, it kind of makes sense.

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The 3 processes your business can't live without...

Rebecca Morley

I’ve written about the sleep inducing powers of talking about systems and process before. It's something I've encountered the whole of my career - tell someone they need process in their business and their eyes glaze over. Ask them what they want to fix though, or what's holding them back, and they get a whole lot more animated. In 90% of those conversations, the answer to their problems or the thing that will get them unstuck is... you guessed it... a process.

There are three key processes that every business needs. The don’t need to take up huge amounts of time and if you implement and follow these three processes consistently, not only will you have a more profitable and sustainable business, you will also feel more sane and have more time for the good stuff like strategy and, well, the odd day off perhaps!

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Why business growth is about more than just sales...

Rebecca Morley

For a business to be sustainable it needs to make profit.

And so as your business starts to grow, the traditional start up model of 'sales at any cost' starts to become irrelevant.

Structure, process, systems. Three words that all have the tendency to make people’s eyes glaze over. But what if they’re exactly what you need to create the sustainable, profitable business you know you deserve? If you’ve done the start-up bit and you’re consistently making sales you will start to feel as though you’ve 'got a business’, but if you’re also still stuck in every bit of detail and you know it couldn’t survive without you then you've also got a millstone.

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Is fear standing between you and the business you deserve?

Rebecca Morley

Whether I'm coaching business leaders or mums returning to work, I see one thing standing in people's way time and time again and that's FEAR.

It can very often be disguised as something else but it doesn't take much digging to find out what's at the root of it. Take indecision for example, what tends to be driving that is a need to ensure that we've chosen the right answer. Look at it the other way, and it's fear of choosing the wrong one. When you're running a small business (or a big one) your decisions matter exponentially, and it's quite likely that you'll have bitter experience of getting it wrong. As your business starts to grow the risks become greater and so does the fear.

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Walk away from that phone...

Rebecca Morley



Overall, the best thing about unplugging for three weeks was the sense of freedom and time back. A life unplugged is one without wormholes or competition you didn't plan to engage in and without opinions you didn't seek and it's delightful. As the curious soul that I am though, I really put some effort into observing what I was getting out of being unplugged - I had the time after all! Here are the best things about it...

NB: although I unplugged for almost three weeks, I did still drop in once a day to check emails and so on. I run my own business, unplugging completely for three weeks would have been irresponsible and stupid! I also checked social media notifications every couple of days to make sure I hadn't missed a question or a significant mention.

I didn't miss it

Not one bit! I really thought I would, but I found plenty of things to do instead. I found myself reaching for my phone repeatedly, but more out of habit than will and I soon found ways to get over that. I left my phone at home when we went out or kept it in my handbag.

I felt happier and more content

The online world, and by that I probably mean social media to a large extent, can be completely exhausting. I'm convinced that largely that's because it often feels like one huge competition. Whether it's business results or babies we're all in competition to portray the happiest, most successful, most beautiful version of ourselves. Even when we're complaining, we have to be the funniest or angriest! When I sat and looked around the pool on holiday at all the real, non airbrushed people, I couldn't see a single one that made me feel bad to the extent that a single post on instagram can.

When I sat and looked around the pool on holiday....I couldn’t see a single person that made me feel bad to the extent that a single post on instagram can.

I was also able to reach a certain sort of stability and inner peace that I haven't felt for a long time. I think when you're getting constant, and hugely varied input, it's difficult, and tiring, to maintain a stable mindset.

I didn't miss anything important

The addictive nature of digital is in the psychology of random rewards. It's what keeps compulsive gamblers coming back for more. That same compulsion has us checking our phones 20 times an hour to see if it's provided anything juicy! And when we're in that mental state, even auntie Joan's new puppy can give us a little bit of what we need.

The beauty of checking in every day or couple of days, and on my own terms was that I was able to override the 'random' part of the equation and take control. I could also see, real time, that I wasn't actually missing anything. I didn't look at any feeds on social media, just the notifications. And almost all of them were things I could choose not to engage with. 

People understood

I've spent a great deal of this morning writing emails to apologise for the delay in replying or for my radio silence. Not a single person has questioned me or taken it as a negative. In a world where we know that people are constantly online, it's easy to have unreasonable expectations of ourselves and others in terms of how quickly we should expect a response. As I said earlier, I didn't let anyone know I was going off grid, I just disappeared!

I learned a lot about boundaries

I've had some time to think about what could have brought on that sense of burnout that I felt three weeks ago and I've realised it has a lot to do with boundaries, or more accurately the blurring of them. When I worked for someone else, I could do all the obvious things like arrange cover and let my contacts know I was going to be away but I also had permission to actively choose the life side of the work life equation for a fixed period of time. That came with it's own burdens... such as 'the fear', but it was nice to feel I could walk away for a while.

When you run a business, especially one that largely exists online, there's nowhere to hide. You can't shut your doors and go home. The only personal/work boundaries are the ones we set ourselves, and when we're encouraged to bring ourselves into the equation as much as possible, there really isn't much latitude. I've decided to keep my social media notifications switched off for now!

I hope I've inspired you to try and give yourself some mental space away from the online world. It really is a great thing to do to regain perspective and feel, well, better really! Normal service will be resumed next week!

Get in touch - let me know how you feel about being online and on social media. I'd love to hear from you - And if you'd like to chat, how about booking a 30 minute call using the button below: