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5 reasons I'm running an event about resilience...

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5 reasons I'm running an event about resilience...

Rebecca Morley




1.    1

the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.

"the often remarkable resilience of so many British institutions"

2.    2

the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

"nylon is excellent in wearability, abrasion resistance and resilience"


The more people I work with, the more I start to get closer to being able to truly define just what it is that separates those who achieve the success they deserve from the ones who never quite get there.

One of the attributes that all of the successful people I've worked with or admired from afar have is resilience - the ability to bounce back from the inevitable disappointments and set backs that are a part of doing business.

Because the road to success is rarely an easy one. Never more so than when you're running your own business – as I said to my husband earlier today, I find myself in a constant state of low level panic that ‘this will never work’. That can be exhausting and it's therefore absolutely crucial that I continue to build this skill.

Business growth is often an adrenaline fuelled, fly by the seat of your pants, trial and error kind of deal. If you don’t build resilience, you can quickly burn out, especially if things go wrong. We’re talking straws and camel's backs here. Resilience is about strengthening that camel’s back so it can take more straws!

To give this important skill the attention it deserves, I've created an interactive and impactful 1/2 day workshop where you can come and learn exactly how to build and develop your own resilience so that you're better equipped to take on the challenges of your business journey.

I've called it Unlock Your Secret Superpower - because it really is exactly that, a superpower! And this is why:


1 – Resilience is essential for growth


As a business owner or leader of a growing business you are constantly required to break new ground. To do this means to spend a large amount of time operating outside of your comfort zone. And that, by its very definition, requires you to feel uncomfortable. Growing and building resilience will help you to be more intentional about dealing with that discomfort. The more you can operate outside of your comfort zone, the more you will grow yourself and your business.


2 – Business leaders need to be persistent


When you are growing a business, you will suffer set backs. Whether that’s supplier let downs, launches that don’t work, unsuccessful funding attempts or simple rejections from potential customers you’ll hear the word no a lot. If your idea is new or different, or you’re challenging the competition, it’ll often take a few attempts to get people to listen. Persistence takes resilience, you need to bounce back from it! As JK Rowling famously said of her many initial rejections 'I wasn't going to give up until every single publisher turned me down'.


3 – Building a business takes energy


When I decided to set up my business, I really genuinely thought it would offer me the freedom I had always craved working 9-5 and to a certain extent it does. I can decide at will to take off a Tuesday afternoon to see a friend in need, and I’ve taken many a long weekend. From many other points of view though, the entrepreneurial journey is about anything other than freedom. You can never really walk away. It becomes part of you. You feel the successes down to your very soul, but also the failures. And to do that takes a huge amount of energy. Developing resilience, can help you manage that energy. If you develop it, and practice it, it’s like strengthening a muscle so that when you need it, it takes less energy to activate it. You can bounce back more quickly and with less energy.


4 –  Resilience makes you faster


Building resilience makes you faster. If you build the ability to recover more quickly you naturally become quicker. The additional benefit is that you are less afraid of failure and therefore hesitate and procrastinate less. When you know that the only two outcomes are that you either succeed or you learn something, you tend to try more things rather than worrying about whether they will work or not.


5 – Resilience makes you smarter


The more you stretch your brain to do new things, the more new pathways it needs to build in order to process those new experiences and challenges. To build those new pathways, your brain needs to produce neurones, which are what makes up your brains processing power. Building resilience helps you step out of your comfort zone more often and take advantage of greater opportunities and challenges. Every time you do that, you build more brain power. Building resilience makes you smarter.

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