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The lazy girl's guide to getting stuff done

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The lazy girl's guide to getting stuff done

Rebecca Morley

Want to know one of the key secrets to my success?  I’m lazy!  I will always find the easiest way possible to do something.  It’s driven people mad over the years as they see me seemingly achieve results with little or no effort. Does that mean I cheat?  Not ever.  One of my core values is integrity, and I take that very seriously.  The tendency to be lazy served me very well in my days as a supply chain director.  I was very often heard to say ‘there must be an easier way to do this’ and there very often was, and guess what, it was very often much cheaper and more efficient too. Commercial benefits abound when you let the lazy one loose on your business.

Laziness alone won’t get you very far though, you’ve got to be sharp and smart too.  It was my first ever coach who told me about the Russian general who ranked his troops ranging from lazy unintelligent and not particularly well valued, through to lazy intelligent, the majors, the visionaries, the ones who found a way.

Here’s the top 5 ways I’ve found to be lazy:


Planning is fun, it’s easy, it’s unconstrained, it’s full of possibility! It doesn’t even involve any real work.  Planning is the lazy girl's dream.  What’s more, if you spend a decent amount of time and thought on it, then the actual work just feels like you’re filling in the gaps further down the line.

Learn from other’s hard work

A quick you tube or google search for whatever you’re struggling with and you will find literally hundreds of step by step guides developed by people who have already done the hard work to work out how to do something.  Choose carefully though, not all of them are particularly clear.


I outsource as many things as I can afford to. It’s not just the time saved, it’s the quality of the work someone who’s a paid expert can offer you that counts. I spent hours of my life trying to set up facebook ads and leadpages only to worry like mad that I was throwing money down the drain on something that was set up incorrectly.  Pay an expert wherever possible and you will reap the benefits further down the line.

Get help

Getting help is different from outsourcing. It’s not about getting someone else to do the work, it’s about helping you to do the best work you can and therefore making the most of your time. I’ve had 4 different coaches for 4 different stages of my business journey so far and each one has served me in a different way.  Each one has moved me on to the next stage far quicker than I could have done myself.

Listen to your instincts

If you’re lazy, like me, your instincts will often tell you when something is not worth your time. If, like me, you also had the sort of upbringing that told you something was only worthwhile if you grafted at it then you’ll try and fight the urge to pay someone else to do it or draft in help to work out where you’re going wrong. My advice is not to fight that urge but to apply your intelligent brain and work out if there’s an easier, more productive way to get it done.

So next time you find yourself giving your inner lazy girl a hard time, just stop for a second and see if she might be right. After all, there has to be an easier way, right?

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