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How to get better engagement on your LinkedIn content

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How to get better engagement on your LinkedIn content

Rebecca Morley

Last week I attended a LinkedIn Content Marketing Masterclass at LinkedIn Towers in Holborn. It was a quick fire hour with huge amounts of information from two very knowledgeable and passionate LinkedIn employees – Katrina Neal and Richard Sullivan.

Although towards the end I got the impression that it was aimed at B2B with a not insignificant marketing spend (well there’s no such thing as a free lunch right!?), I think a lot of the insights I gained are still well worth sharing.

None of it’s rocket science, and some of it you may have heard before but if the LinkedIn team are taking the time to share this stuff then I would guess they’re not seeing all of this getting done:

Define your goal

Work out why you’re posting on linkedin in the first place. Are you trying to increase your visibility? Create leads? Build your credibility? Think about what your key goal is and then tailor your content to that.

Understand your audience and target them with relevant content

This point is all about getting really clear on who your target market is. From that, work out your audience on linkedin and target them by providing relevant content that does three things – makes them aware of their issue, makes them consider how they might solve that issue, makes them aware that you could be someone who could solve the issue for them.

Create less but better content and then atomise it

My favourite quote of the session was “spray and pray doesn’t work” – produce less content, that’s higher value and create a build up. Katrina talked about thinking in terms of a blockbuster movie - high production, high value and rich in content.  Think in those terms and then atomise it, create multiple pieces of content that relate to your blockbuster. Think trailers for movies, interviews with the main characters, billboards etc…

Think value exchange

Think of everything you do as a value exchange. If you want someone’s details to add to your list, you have to give them something in exchange. If you want people to comment on your posts and articles then you have to give them enough value to compel them to.

Think about the decision maker

This point is about making sure you’re widening your audience enough and targeting properly to make sure you’re targeting the decision maker in the business you’re targeting. Think about whether it’s really the CEO of every business you want to speak to or is it actually the marketing director or the HR director. All depends on the kind of businesses you want to work with but sometimes you need to think out of the box about who it is that will actually end up putting their hand in their pocket when it comes to paying the invoice.

Put your audience in the first line

Want more engagement from the people you are targeting? Don’t make them guess who your article is aimed at. Don’t leave it to chance. Always incorporate your target audience into the first line of any post to make it easy for someone scrolling through.

Use humour

I think it goes without saying but if you can be funny or irreverent, especially with your headline, then people are more likely to click.

Use photos

Make your posts engaging with relevant photos. Photos with people in always get better click through. Even more so with photos that are of real people – hopefully you – as stock photos get less click through than real ones.

Hopefully you find all of this as useful as I did! Drop me a line on to let me know if you have any questions.