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Case Studies

We like to do things a little differently so rather than a price per session, for our 1:1 coaching we offer unlimited support for the duration of the package you take.

Client Case Studies

Lucy Parsons

Having accelerated her business growth considerably over the past 12 months by getting clear on who she wanted to work with and how, Lucy had reached a stage where she had realised that she had a really strong proposition and huge potential for growth. She contacted me to help her unlock this and help her to be the person she needed to be to make this happen. 

We spent our first session understanding her business model, her ambitions and her capabilities before mapping out a plan to tripleher turnover over the next 12 months. Through a combination of plans to increase organic growth on her base business plus a number of launches we were able to create a simple action plan that Lucy felt confident to deliver. 

We were able to drop some of the things that drained Lucy’s energy and make a plan to outsource the things that would unlock the growth she needed to allow Lucy the space to lead. 

Ongoing sessions have provided the support and focus Lucy needs to implement the plan and stay on track. Her numbers are steadily tracking to the plan we set out and her first launch of the year was significantly oversubscribed. Since our first meeting, Lucy has continued to evolve her plan to consider even bigger ambitions to extend her reach and serve an even greater number of clients with an innovative and exciting launch planned for the summer.

By the end of this year, Lucy will have tripled her turnover and her profit.

Life More Extraordinary

Food and Drink Company

This impressive female entrepreneur started her business in her kitchen and has grown it to several million turnover over the last 10 years. However, a more aggressive competitive environment combined with several unforeseeable issues had had a recent effect on both turnover and profitability. 

The client came to me frustrated and impatient to find a plan to, not only, return to her previous sales figures but also to double her turnover for the year AND improve profitability. In our first session we created targets for the base business and mapped out a plan to execute several new product launches for the year ahead. I took this away and created a month by month plan for her to communicate with the team.  

Her renewed focus and drive plus consistent actions around this ambitious plan has led to 100% growth year on year so far on both overall revenue and web sales. Her first launch of the year has hit 5 figures in month one.

Since working together, we have also uncovered several limiting beliefs and blockers which were stopping her from realising her underlying ambitions. She has put ambitious plans in place to make the most of her credibility as a female entrepreneur and become a key opinion leader in helping women to realise their innate potential.

Global Insights Agency

Amanda and her business partner run a fast-growing insights agency with a fantastic reputation and an enviable list of clients. She came to me feeling overwhelmed and as though she was losing her balance. The demands of running a business with high expectations and a great deal of international travel alongside the rigours of raising a young family was starting to take it’s toll.

Amanda needed support to stay on track and permission to find a way of working that allowed her to feel in control of both her life and her work. We worked on two fronts and looked firstly at how she was managing her time now, and secondly what she needed, and wanted to achieve. We took the time to assess her current priorities and set some new ones that served her better, and in order to allow her the time and space to work on both sides of the balance we set some clear boundaries too. 

In taking the time to understand what created or depleted her energy, we were able to define a way of working for Amanda that was right for her. For someone who thrives on hard work it was a lightbulb moment to realise that there was a way of working hard and still having the energy to be the successful working mother she aspired to be.