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About Rebecca

Rebecca Morley

Hi, I'm Rebecca.

I got bored of playing bullsh*t bingo in endless meetings in 2015 and walked away from a successful career in FMCG to set up my coaching business. I got a lot from my career, I made director level by the time I was 30 and I developed a real passion for business growth and success.  I’ve led multi million pound growth projects for several businesses, created leadership development programmes and designed and led huge organisational change. You'd never have believed that my heart wasn't in it!

I always thought that if I could be that good at something I didn't enjoy then surely the sky was the limit when I actually worked out what I wanted to do with my life. And then coaching came along. 

I think becoming a coach was inevitable for me, my love for coaching and personal development is so profound it was just a matter of deciding when would be the best time to take the terrifying step of giving up my six figure salary. I actually decided while I was on my honeymoon that I couldn’t wait any longer, so I signed up to and MSc in coaching and behavioural change from my hotel room in Hawaii. I resigned on my first day back in the office.

Anyone who knows me will tell you I absolutely love being a coach, I feel privileged, not only to hear people’s stories, but to be able to be part of their amazing journeys too.  When I started my coaching business I naturally worked with the sorts of businesses I’d spent my whole career working in, however, I quickly found that it didn’t make me the best coach I could be, I knew too much about the people and situations involved. Gradually, over the time my business has evolved I’ve been drawn to, and had the privilege to coach people in the sorts of industries that really excite me – fashion, food, PR, TV, and some exciting boutique agencies and the experience for me, but far more importantly them, has been something amazing. 

My natural curiosity, combined with my talent as a coach have combined to create magical results and really powerful outcomes.

I’ve helped people to forge better working relationships, unlock significant business growth, feel more in control, gain the confidence to delegate more, create more time and much more.

See how I could help you to achieve all these things and more....