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"Rebecca has the perfect balance of style and skills you would hope for in a coach. She is calm and reassuring, whilst resolute in delivering clear outcomes from a coaching session: she knows when to pause and when to push! She helps the coachee translate their swirls of thoughts, ideas and anxieties into powerful conclusions and actions through skilful questioning and relevant use of the various toolkits she has at hand. She personally helped me to liberate the confidence and belief to make a complete change of direction in my working life. Thanks Rebecca!"

- Sue Austin, Consultant (now!)

"I met with Rebecca at a time in my life and career that was for me uncharted territory. A return to work after maternity leave, to an organisation in the midst of change and to a new role within it.

Rebecca was fantastic in helping me vocalise the situation and challenges I felt, unearth the concerns I had whilst carefully and skilfully steering me towards a plan to make this time of change really work for me. All done in a manner that gave me the confidence to look at this new experience in a positive and exciting way with an actionable plan that was authentic to me.

I cannot recommend Rebecca enough. She exudes professionalism in a relaxed and approachable way whilst bringing great experience and knowledge to the process." 

- Jennie Gower-Smith, Marks and Spencer

"In the session itself I think Rebecca was very successful in helping me explore these areas. I had a lot of different thoughts and opinions swimming around my mind and she was very helpful in making them more structured and actionable. I left clear on my next steps and how to start putting them into practice. Thank you Rebecca."

- Stuart White, Marketing Manager - Omega Pharma

"I went into my discussions with Rebecca with a vague view of the goals I wanted, and very quickly she was able to make those goals very clear. That in itself was extremely useful. Even my wife noted that I was visibly calmer and more focused.  The sessions were then a very useful framework for everything that followed, and I still refer to those conversations with Rebecca in my mind as continue to work through ongoing communication issues with the team. All round I consider them to have been extremely successful." 

 - Paul Moravek, Managing Director

"I really enjoyed our session together and found it both clarifying and energising. I found it helped bring perspective and some fresh lenses to some ideas that were jumbled together in my head, and felt I emerged with some clarity and interesting further actions to think about. I'd had a strong gut feeling going in, but having a tool for discussion worked well and helped formulate my ideas a little more clearly. Thought you had a lovely style; you made good interventions that were accurate but non-threatening (I needed someone to play devils advocate with me!) and had a gentle confidence that instilled me with confidence I was in safe hands. I'd strongly recommend you to anyone in the same situation looking for coaching and support in this area." 

- Emma Laney-Smith, Director - Syren Strategy

"I am really pleased I made the investment in working with Rebecca.  It came at a significant period of change both for me and the business; as an entrepreneur the help Rebecca provided has, I believe, led to growth by creating a sense of focus and a set of values that have helped create a really positive working environment.  I came away with a really practical set of solutions that have helped how I approach work and manage that elusive work/life balance – I don’t think I’ll ever forget one particular light bulb moment during one of our sessions when my style of working literally crystallised before me and accepting that it was okay for me to work in this way was like a burden lifting.  This has been a significant period of change for me, on a personal and professional level."

- Amanda Herbert, Syren Strategy