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Executive coaching for ambitious women

Being coached by Rebecca is one of the best career decisions I have ever made!
— Chloe Bar-Kar - Channel 4


I’m Rebecca Morley and I’m an executive coach for women who want to achieve amazing things in their career on their own terms.

Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, it can be really tough to achieve the kind of success you know you deserve.  Moving beyond fear and self doubt is very difficult to do on your own, but creating a life and career you love is more achievable than you might think when you've got the right support.





Over the past few years I’ve gone from a career I didn’t believe in to running my own business on my own terms, spending time with my little boy and gaining huge personal growth in the process. Using powerful mindset techniques I was able to literally ‘have it all’. I started my business whilst I was a new mum, and I even managed to find the time to study for a masters degree. Somehow, I still often get comments about how zen I am!

I’m doing the work I love, helping incredible women create amazing careers that they adore.  I support women to rediscover their creative sparkle and create the freedom that comes from doing something you love on your own terms.


“You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

― Maya Angelou



One of my most recent clients is a successful entrepreneur who was stuck in a cycle of guilt and procrastination. Whatever she was doing, whether it was working, spending time with her kids or taking time for herself, she always told herself she should be focusing on something else.  No part of her life felt particularly fulfilling and that didn’t feel good. I was able to show her that by simply giving herself permission to do one thing at a time and planning her day to create time for the things that mattered, she could release herself from that draining guilt and create energy to achieve the incredible.

Within two weeks she felt more balanced, calm and focused and her relationships with her family and business partner had improved significantly.


"In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." 

 ― Coco Chanel


I use my unique combination of coaching skills and business experience to move you forward to the next stage.  I can help you make magical growth plans, approach the unknown with confidence and create a mindset that makes it all feel easy.  It is possible to create your dream life, you just need to believe that you can.




"I am really pleased I made the investment in working with Rebecca.  It came at a significant period of change both for me and the business; as an entrepreneur the help Rebecca provided has, I believe, led to growth by creating a sense of focus and a set of values that have helped create a really positive working environment.  I came away with a really practical set of solutions that have helped how I approach work and manage that elusive work/life balance – I don’t think I’ll ever forget one particular light bulb moment during one of our sessions when my style of working literally crystallised before me and accepting that it was okay for me to work in this way was like a burden lifting.  This has been a significant period of change for me, on a personal and professional level."

 - Amanda Herbert, Syren Strategy


“Rebecca has the perfect balance of style and skills you would hope for in a coach. She is calm and reassuring, whilst resolute in delivering clear outcomes from a coaching session: she knows when to pause and when to push! She helps the coachee translate their swirls of thoughts, ideas and anxieties into powerful conclusions and actions through skillful questioning and relevant use of the various tool-kits she has at hand. She personally helped me to liberate the confidence and belief to make a complete change of direction in my working life. Thanks Rebecca!”

- Sue Austin, Consultant (now!)

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